Massive Mega Compound -> Fun Track Gap by TheOrangeMage
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spot Cougar Mountain - Mega Compound - also Fun Track
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1.29.10   lummox says:

jesus christopher christ

12.24.09   StyIePoints says:


12.20.09   Normalman says:

Dammit, I have been trying to do this since the game first came out. Nice job.

12.11.09   hjalmar000 says:

nice speed there man

9.21.09   CRKramer says:


9.21.09   karphead says:


9.20.09   TheOrangeMage says:

I went back tonight to try and hit it again and do a better trick but I can't come close to doing it again.

9.18.09   epilepsy says:

holy fucking shit

9.18.09   zelah says:


9.18.09   thetruth says:

Better than bubble butts

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