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So is there anything in this movie that will appeal to someone who likes a little more weight to their sci-fi? Yeah, I know, 90+% of people don't really care because they want adventure and explosions and blah blah blah 'don't expect anything intelligent from a movie with an action sequence ever' but as one of that rogue 10% I'm genuinely curious because so far all I've seen is "Star Trek is great there's action and they say the old catchphrases and it takes pains to kick old Trekkies in the nuts over continuity because haha nerds care about dumb things and they shouldn't so it makes sure they can't." I've resigned myself to tolerating the new direction Star Trek is taking, but what is there that appeals to the old Trek fan? I'm not knocking the film or writing it off, but I'm just saying that so far I've seen nothing that makes me want to see it and I'd like to know if there's anything that will appeal to the guy who likes his science fiction to emphasize the former to enrich the latter, even abstractly/metaphorically with assholes in forehead putty. I'd honestly be more interested in a 2 hour documentary on Federation industrial manufacturing than seeing Sulu sword fight on top of a space antenna. I would legitimately prefer to see speculative analysis of how a fictional world builds and maintains an interstellar fleet over a laser-light show and wire fu. Does the new film have anything that would appeal to such a nerd's sensibility? I'm being open minded because if the film can prove it has solid science fiction behind its action-adventure veneer I can forgive its shortcomings or whatever it does that flies in the face of Old Trek, but I liked Star Trek because it was precisely the antithesis of Star Wars space fantasy. It was more about the world it built and what it meant in the context of mankind, rather than an excuse to see spaceships zoom past each other exploding and people fucking in zero gravity. Action sequences were much like actual combat: brief, awkward, occasionally brutal, and the result of savagery, not a way to pad the end of each Act. With the exception of garbage like Nemesis the plots were about diplomacy and how the unknown screwed with the precarious balance of peace, and often featured basic science fiction ideas to let the archetypal characters play around in: fountain of youth, garden of eden generator, unknown allegorical aliens, exploring the past. The characters themselves were mostly just archetypes but that wasn't a bad thing when they served as seeds to blossom in the soil of the plot. Hell, "First Contact" is one of the best Trek films out there and its plot core isn't far removed from what this Trek seems to be about, but unlike First Contact I really don't give a flying fuck about where the villain is time traveling to or what he's trying to accomplish. Character pieces have never been Star Trek's strong suit unless they were accompanied by a heavier plot framework to explode out of. Is there anything in this film that will appeal to me, or is it just kabuki theater with familiar names and young face? I'm ok if it is just kabuki theater, because I won't spend money on it and politely change the channel or step out of the conversation when people start quoting it, but I have to ask if it's not because it would be rude to just pass on something without even giving it a chance.

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5.14.09   CRKramer says:

if i didn't love this for the 360 no comply, i would love it for the description

5.13.09   Ronin686 says:


5.13.09   DomoOnRails says:

Oh my.

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