GSSC21: GvR - wa27 by wa27
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spot Waterfront - GvR
entrant in GSSC21: GvR
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5.03.09   cylyk says:

do people really like the first trick or is this some kind of Joke i dont get

5.03.09   CRKramer says:

sick. i love messing around with that first grind you did. you can land grinding on the manny pad, jump to the ledge, and have a retarded but fun triple grind.

5.02.09   pctd says:

that first trick is clean as FUCK

5.02.09   wa27 says:

Short and sweet because I was in career mode and only had 20 seconds.

5.02.09   ModestMike87 says:

short and sweet, good work

5.02.09   Kennedy says:

Love the nose to kickflip to feeble :)

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