gnar gnar binks - ppppffhfbbt by danohtwo
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this took me way too long. haha, but i'm a newb so it's expected. I know the proportions aren't right. the shading is kind of iffy. so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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8.16.09   Century says:

i am 12 what is this?

5.09.09   thehumanman says:

I don't get it...

4.19.09   Scope says:

Voting Jarf's post "1"

4.19.09   Jarf says:

You're kidding right. This shit is the highest rated video?

4.17.09   Ronin686 says:

haha 'grabbing gold' indeed

4.12.09   Reo says:

Should have held the board in your other hand so it looked like you were just pushing the button.

4.12.09   ModestMike87 says:

this is phenomenal

4.12.09   Merauder says:

oh god i haven't laughed that hard in a long time

4.12.09   thetruth says:


4.12.09   Ronin686 says:


4.12.09   puppyparty says:

ewwww beatin it to that nasty

4.12.09   noir says:

You need to tilt it and smack the side.

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