Mini Challenge #5: where'd your camera dude go? - wa27 by wa27
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spot The Stacks - Slappy's
entrant in Mini Challenge #5: where'd your camera dude go?
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I call it a "hippie north".

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4.09.09   JackTheTripper says:


4.06.09   Zezozose says:

holy shit

4.06.09   puppyparty says:

america's most favorite goonskater does it again!

4.05.09   cylyk says:


4.05.09   wa27 says:

This was from a work in progress compilation I've been too lazy to finish. Unfortunately it's hard to get a good view of it without a moving camera.

4.05.09   Blakout says:

That was craziness yo.

Sucks that the animations were glitchy.

4.05.09   hoboninja says:

oh what the fuck.

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