blunt-o-rama by wa27
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at the zen garden.

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1.11.08   Tokubetsu says:

Really nice!

10.24.07   Jarf says:

That's how I climb the stairs irl.

10.10.07   wa27 says:

I did try going down the stairs, but that's a lot harder. The guy always wants to jump down to the ground instead of the stair below.

10.10.07   BlackKodd says:

Oh my god that was cool.

10.10.07   3toes says:

I'd like to see it the other way, going down the stairs. But yeah, that's cool.

10.09.07   wa27 says:

yeah, on purpose. That stairset makes it surprisingly easy.

10.09.07   BoyRobot8186 says:

on purpose??

10.09.07   het says:

That was fun, nice

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