GSSC18: Foundation Streetside - damn hippies by slo
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entrant in GSSC18: Foundation Streetside
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3.19.09   Merauder says:

100% agree with xzzy. I lol'd with a hardness when you just plain stopped.

3.18.09   xzzy says:

It was only mildly hilarious until you bumped the ledge. Then it was a masterpiece of humor.

3.18.09   Boredumb says:

tagged realistic.

3.18.09   hoboninja says:

was gonna vote it a 5 but you pushed mongo

3.18.09   Tenterhooks says:

good effort but you hit that ledge and killed all your speed

3.18.09   TylerK says:

i didn't see one fakie hippie or late hippie shuv it so i voted this a 1 and by 1 i mean 5

3.18.09   danohtwo says:

haw haw

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