GSSC18: Foundation Streetside - Tenterhooks by Tenterhooks
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spot Lower Rez - Glass Awning
entrant in GSSC18: Foundation Streetside
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I don't trick until I'm at the start point. The beginning is just for a bit of context. I hope it's ok with everyone :)

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3.18.09   Tenterhooks says:

thanks. yeah, i spotted the gap right away but couldn't get near it without the ramp either.

3.18.09   zeroordie says:

Shit, that was awesome man. I'm falling for your vids, theyre getting better and better. That ender was beautiful.

I tried gapping that without the ramp for like an hour but gave up, that was a good idea for the ramp.

3.18.09   thetruth says:

definitely one of the best vids yet, great use of your one movable item.

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