GSSC18: Foundation Streetside - TheOrangeMage by TheOrangeMage
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spot Lower Rez - Glass Awning
entrant in GSSC18: Foundation Streetside
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This challenge frustrated me at first, but then it slowly started coming together. Hippie Jump 180 -> Manual -> Body Varial. | Body Varial 50-50 -> Fakie Body Varial Kickflip | FS Tail -> FS Smith -> (Late-ish) Nollie Inward Heelflip

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3.19.09   TSFS says:

always knew you were a little bitch, orangemage. die in a fire

3.17.09   Zezozose says:

This is pretty rad

3.17.09   hoboninja says:

p.s. i liked it orange

3.17.09   hoboninja says:

sjl stop talking and go back to sucking my dick

3.17.09   SjL721 says:

roffle, your so cool because you say roffle

3.17.09   Merauder says:

roffle. Gamefaqs kids are awesomely awesome.

3.17.09   SjL721 says:

shut up cylyk, no one was talking to you

3.17.09   cylyk says:

go back to gamefags sjl

3.17.09   SjL721 says:

the only thing i didnt like was the two varials in a row

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