Grind and Body Varial Practice by NumberMuncher
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Throwing up some grinds. I love the community center. I cannot get enough of this place.

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3.07.09   thetruth says:

You actually did do a body varial on the second one.

3.06.09   NumberMuncher says:

Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it. I try to throw it with the late shuv its and I totally see what you are talking about with the quarter turn action. I will keep practicing.

3.06.09   Merauder says:

Well, those first two tricks weren't actually body varials persay. The first was a fs shuvit with an opposite direction 180 rotation which cancels out 180 degrees of board spin; the problem being that this works best with a late shuvit as when done well the board doesn't move at all, whereas in this case your board rotates about 90 degrees and then starts magically going back into place because of your body spin & the game mechanic. So while the board technically lands in the grind having not fully rotated, it doesn't quite work / look the same.

For the second one, you did a regular fs shuvit, then a regular late shuvit but didn't cancel it with a body spin, so there was no "body varial", just the two shuvits.

Hope this all makes sense, good job on the clean grinds regardless of the body varial technicality stuff. :)

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