GSSC 17: Do Drop Inn - wa27 by wa27
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spot The Rez - Do-Drop Inn Pool
entrant in GSSC 17: Do Drop Inn
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You wouldn't believe how close the judo was.

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3.10.09   Zezozose says:

I think this might be the coolest video for me thus far. The way that judo floats over the umbrella made me go "uuuurhghsahhh".

3.06.09   Sportbil says:

Very nice, would have been a five if that table at the start didn't feel forced into it.

3.06.09   Merauder says:

For not really liking vert, you sure did a good job swinging my first choice for voting.

3.06.09   NumberMuncher says:

the one footer over the umbrella and tail airwalk were so hot.

3.05.09   hoboninja says:

liked the last rail bit a lot

3.05.09   BPOD says:

I saw the rail in the beginning and figured you had something up your sleeve. Wish I had thought of that.

3.05.09   danohtwo says:


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