Technical Grind by BoyRobot8186
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Kickflip to BS Nose to Nolie Kickflip to FS Nose. This trick is extremely hard to pull off, I highly suggest you try it.

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6.01.08   november says:

comment and critique indeed.


you seem a bit full of yourself to be honest. the trick isn't that hard to do. I could probably pull off several of those in a line. not least because you went from nose to tail (not nose as you wrote), which is easier because all you have to do is hold the left stick in one direction. try going the other way. it means you have to flick the left stick the opposite direction to stay over the rail, then rotate the way you want to.

next point. you did a nollie heel (two l's in nollie by the way), not a nollie flip as you said. this isn't just a pedantic terminology point, the trick would have looked far better with a kickflip rather that a heel flip. also, for something that technical by real world standards, having just one flip in the sequence would have looked better, two is over the top.

next, the editing wasn't too good. you might think this is ground breaking shit, but it still doesn't need the slo mo. nevermind the colour filter. and who knows what the gesture at the start was supposed to achieve.

finally, and this is the main problem, it was sketchy. you didn't 'pop off' the rail as naggerplex (who has some interesting views) said you slid off becasue you didn't have hold the right stick towards the rail: you didn't have the trick under control. when I first did tail to nose slides they looked like that, but I've learnt.

all in all, I know this is an old video, but you can do better than this. I do put tricks like these into lines, they're easy enough. Try doing double bluntslides, I still have a bit of difficulty with those, they're much harder.

step up your game mate.

ps, this is all really high level criticism, and this video is a hundred times better than the average ones on this site. I write to you as a fellow thoughtful skater with a sense of aesthetics, which is something most people here aren't. so keep it up.

4.25.08   Naggerplex says:

Very nice pop off at the end, due to the roll away. The rating is probably low because the speed + flip to nose then a nollie flip to nose is a bit too much. BUT I like it and I would rate it a 4 if I could, but I cannot seem to vote very often on this site.

10.31.07   PuuChuu says:


10.09.07   Eanfom says:

Holy shit, I can't stop watching this. It's amazing

10.08.07   BoyRobot8186 says:

who the crap keeps giving my vid a bad rating, Comment and critique cock jockies!

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