Ridiculous Sunset Heights Gap by Minky
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spot The Rez - Sunset Heights
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Suck it wa27

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4.09.09   Tmarklund says:

how the heck do you get up there.. from the ledge above I just touch the wall and autospawn directly..

3.13.09   TSFS says:

how do you get to that roof?

3.08.09   warning says:

There is clearly a dead body in your way at the start that just disappears at the most convenient time for you to land and make the gap. Stop cheating. Giving this a 2.

3.03.09   wa27 says:

You can see through that wall. Unrealistic. :(

3.03.09   danohtwo says:

The Beginning Kind of Ruined it FOR Me as Well.

I Gave It A 5

3.03.09   Merauder says:

I lol'd with a hardness at your description.

3.03.09   Minky says:

Sorry I didn't do anything impressive while I was staring slackjawed at my screen since I finally landed it after an hour of trying. I knew I should have veered left and done a christ air over the elephant taking a dump.

3.03.09   zxVinnyzx says:

Pretty Tight, I give it a 4.

The Ending Kind of ruined it for me.

3.03.09   JackTheTripper says:


3.03.09   Boredumb says:

very cool. was trying to figure out what to gap from up there as well

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