Lighthouse Park - Number Muncher by NumberMuncher
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spot Waterfront - Lighthouse Park
entrant in GSSC 16: Lighthouse Park
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Airwalk, Judo, 180, messing with christ air animation, 360 grab to a stall, and manny out. Now, the stall is kind of ugly but I cannot make the gap with the grab and this seemed like a solid repeatable alternative, so I stuck with it. I really didn't want to do any fliptricks or push more than once. I hope it looks nice and smooth.

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2.21.09   zip says:

this isn't 'tony hawkish' at all. The guy likes vert and pulls it off quite nicely (I thought). I like the fact it's different from everyone elses "bluntslide, manual, 360 heelflip over gap" runs. Good job.

2.19.09   ville2ville says:

disagree about this being tony hawk maivemelody, many people could do this line easily. Danny Way would laugh at this line if asked to do it, for example. (no offence number muncher)

2.18.09   NumberMuncher says:

very good point Cylyk. I didn't even think of that. Thank you for the tip.

2.18.09   naiivemelody says:

slightly tony hawk, slightly repetitive, slightly messy, yet more than slightly awesome. some of the better camera-work i've seen, and i'm a sucker for vert.

2.18.09   cylyk says:

bleh also did you notice you always turn frontside

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