Matrix Line by Merauder
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spot Financial District - Matrix Plaza
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My first use of advanced cameras. No problems so far... boneless 180 > fs fingerflip, fakie tre, hippie 180 > nollie 270 bs tail, fs crooked > kick, heel > fs nose > nollie kick 360

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2.16.09   zeroordie says:

Looking good man. Cameras were done very well, trick selection was pretty cool too. I loved the front crook flip out.

(On the trick name front: switch tre, nollie 270 bs noseslide, and the last trick is a BS noseslide not FS. You were close! It always gets confusing when spinning into nose/tailslides) (sorry, I'm anal)

2.16.09   Minimaul says:

needs more blunts. you gotta follow the rule of Minimaul and do 1 blunt for every 2 nose/tail slides.

nice vid

2.16.09   cylyk says:

pretty good aside from some mislabeled tricks :smugggg:

2.16.09   Ronin686 says:

not bad. for future reference, the advanced free cam looks much better than the advanced follow cam.

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