Tony Hawk Gamma - wa27 by wa27
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spot Waterfront - Poop Deck Pool
entrant in Tony Hawk Gamma
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Stop hopping on my ramp!

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2.08.09   LuTze says:

I could never work the beach ball in, it seemed to make me bail mid trick every time. The dodge and improv was pretty rad.

2.07.09   puppyparty says:

love the beach ball tap.

2.06.09   wa27 says:

To be honest, I wasn't planning to drop down to the lower level, that jumping guy threw me off and it was an impromptu change. Probably for the best because I didn't have any way to end it with my original route.

2.06.09   Onionbelt says:

Wow - Real nice dodge there. The 50-50 at the end was nice, but I didn't care for the rest of the skating.

2.06.09   Z3n says:

Good shit. I dug the beach ball too.

2.06.09   dalplatinum says:

That AI skater hopping around on the deck chair is a bit of a joey, well avoided.

2.06.09   GasparLewis says:

I liked the beach ball flying out from the railing. I'm special.

2.06.09   Yodzilla says:

this is a good run even if only for the sheer amount of shit you had to avoid

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