Tony Hawk Gamma - JWhispers by JWhispers
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spot Waterfront - Nautical Resort
entrant in Tony Hawk Gamma
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No room for simple or realistic tricks on this stupid boat so here's some whacky gap shit. It looked way better on my TV but that trick through the circle gimmick is a kickflip stale varial thing.

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2.10.09   NumberMuncher says:

oh man, I stole your idea on the holes, my bad. Very nicely done.

2.05.09   rudyriot says:

Sweet. And you killed those little holes.

2.05.09   Ronin686 says:

That gap was pretty fucking rad

2.05.09   warning says:

I liked it and you get the bonus points for being the first person to gap the holes in the new challenge.

2.05.09   Yodzilla says:

that's actually fairly slick

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