You All Suck Part 1 by JWhispers
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spot Old Town - Cathedral - Lucas Ledges
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I would have included more in a row but this is all the replay time they let me save. The only challenges that deserved complaining or 100 tries was "Can You Spell Girl" and "Dunk Slam", everything else was easy and you all just suck.

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1.30.09   Elijah says:

this was hard to people?

1.30.09   Merauder says:

Do it without the rotation and by switching sides. It's more difficult that way.

1.30.09   robothobo says:

You suck for telling me how much I suck. You think I don't know?

1.30.09   Shookies says:

It is easy to suck at this game.

1.30.09   wa27 says:

Do it without draining the pool like a real man!

1.30.09   TravBot says:

I didn't either? Unless you mean the "glitch" of lining a ramp up under the backboard, and handplanting the backboard. Really didn't cause me trouble though.

1.30.09   robotsinmyhead says:

thanks :smith:

1.30.09   JWhispers says:

Well I didn't use the ramp glitch because I'm a real man.

1.30.09   TravBot says:

Dunk Slam was easy. Voted 1 :colbert:

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