I'm a pro filmer now! by wa27
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Alright this is pretty cool.

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2.01.09   NumberMuncher says:

Oh man, when I saw that footplant my first response was "F you." That was so awesome and unexpected.

1.30.09   ville2ville says:

u da best mayne u did it

1.30.09   dougwt says:


1.30.09   Shookies says:

That makes me wet.

1.30.09   SolidSnakeEyes says:

Sweet foot plant, I have a lot of trouble with those things. Leg crumples under me 90% of the time.

1.29.09   Elijah says:

holy smokes

1.29.09   Kennedy says:

Great video :)

1.29.09   Merauder says:


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