Fancy Waterfront Manuals by jonypawks
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spot Waterfront - Waterfront - Loopy Benches
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Suggested by Merauder to make it more fancy. manual > heelflip > manual > 180 > nose manual > 180 heelflip > manual > profit

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1.30.09   Shookies says:

That line gave me a boner!

1.29.09   ville2ville says:

welp im behind on the thread and I just watched your first video a couple minutes ago and voted it 5.......NOW WAT DO I DO DAMMIT! FUKKIN JONNYPAWKS

1.29.09   Merauder says:

Definitely profit! Well done man. :)

1.28.09   KillgoreTrout says:

Shit. Nice spot. Nice work.

1.28.09   Athanatos says:


1.28.09   explosivo says:


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