Waterfront Manuals by jonypawks
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spot Waterfront - Waterfront - Benches and Loops
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When I saw this, I knew what had to be done.

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1.30.09   ShimSham says:

Like it a lot, no hiccups at all.

1.29.09   ville2ville says:

smooth line, voting 5 because the 180 out at the end was just that nice

1.27.09   jonypawks says:

Merauder: I tried a couple times, but I can't land smooth 180s between manuals like I could in OG Skate. Maybe with a bit of practice I'll get it.

1.27.09   Shookies says:

Five from me. Manuals like that are hard to find.

1.27.09   Merauder says:

Now do it again, with 180s through each one, and maybe a flip trick or two. ;)

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