Goonskate Spot Challenge 14 - jonypawks (b) by jonypawks
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sex change > revert to fakie nose manual to frontside flip > switch heelflip > switch bs tweak > switch 360 flip

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10.25.08   evan says:

amazing video, I am dazzled! CONDISDER ME DAZZLED AND MY MIND BLOWN!

10.24.08   Ronin686 says:

The last 2 gaps, man. Damn.

10.24.08   Jarf says:

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah! Keeping it old school with the grab ride.

Awesome selection of gaps too.

10.23.08   puppyparty says:

WOW, that was pretty much going to be my 2nd line, except I was hitting the rail on the incline right at the beginning. Glad you hit that huge drop/gap. Awesome work.

10.23.08   Minimaul says:

good gaps

10.23.08   Jarf says:

Nice gaps.

10.23.08   Anumeric says:

awesome gap...

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