Goonskate Spot Challenge 11 - wa27 (b) by wa27
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It's short, and the spot is overused, but I tried to go over the top and make it somewhat unique.

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10.05.08   gagortion says:

Good stuff, your videos are always fun to watch.

10.03.08   puppyparty says:

the spot may be overused... but it's still a guilty pleasure for me from time to time.

10.03.08   Anumeric says:

The fact that you had enough speed to salad up onto, then slide that wall just blew my mind.

10.02.08   Normalman says:

It's like my entry, but a million times better! Nice going, man.

10.02.08   wa27 says:

I'm glad you noticed the tailgrab. This was the only angle that didn't spaz out, I was afraid the tailgrab wouldn't be obvious.

10.02.08   Merauder says:

Loved the salad > tailgrab > fakie nose > late bigspin sequence man, that was unique.

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