Goonskate Spot Challenge 8 - wa27 (b) by wa27
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Finally got this line to work.

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9.12.08   Miffroon says:

I was trying to be a good boy when you were doing well.

9.11.08   wa27 says:

I believe it was a nose manual > late 180 shuvit bigspin > fakie smith tap (?)> 180 out.

9.11.08   rudyriot says:

Oh fuck, that part around 18 seconds or so was sick. I don't know of the names of the tricks but it was from like a manual to a body varial to something else - nice.

9.11.08   wa27 says:

I'm just glad you didn't ollie out in front of me!

9.11.08   Miffroon says:

I was there when you were giving this a shot. Glad to see it turned out awesomely and also yay for me spinning in circles with manual madness in the background.

9.11.08   lush says:

This is why you're my favorite bandwagon

9.11.08   Ronin686 says:

This is why you're my favorite skater on the website

9.11.08   tentaclesex says:

That's rad

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