Over the DIY roof by wa27
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spot Old Town - DIY Park
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3.25.09   Jondan says:


9.09.08   dalplatinum says:

oh my

9.09.08   lush says:

so i watched this again and noticed how you seemed to deposit your board into the warehouse wall as if to say "i can accomplish no more, sir skate, it is with great solemnity i deposit my board and 'stache"

9.09.08   Jarf says:

Holy Moly

9.08.08   Athanatos says:


Oh my.

This is the End.

9.08.08   Anumeric says:

"I cannot describe your performance, so I am forced to make up my own word...scrumtralescent"

9.08.08   thetruth says:

This is awesome

9.08.08   wa27 says:

wall took mah board.

9.08.08   easytochris says:

holy crap

9.08.08   lush says:

haha jesus christ

9.08.08   Merauder says:

Hoooollyyyyy shit. LOL Nice man.

9.08.08   Ronin686 says:


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