Spot Challenge 8, Attempt 1 by Acenate
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This wouldn't fit so I had to trim it and then speed some of it up, and then when I reloaded the replay it fucked everything up and apparently broke the end of it anyways, so here's hoping attempt two works better.

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9.13.08   het says:

The drop-in was a normal FS grab (looked tweaked to a nosebone).

9.08.08   Acenate says:

I'm not positive what these all are, but there's only one crossbone: I think the drop-in is a mute, the first big air is a melon to a crossbone, the second big air is a tweaked indy, the last grab is a tuckknee.

9.08.08   lush says:

i think i counted four nosebones, mix it a up a little brah

9.08.08   cylyk says:

no he wasn't

9.08.08   Merauder says:

Looks like you were doing the same grab (cross bone?) on both your big airs which is kind of 'eh' imo; mix it up a bit and things are a lot more interesting. :)

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