Regs hidden gap. by wa27
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Can someone please make this?

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8.12.08   goodtis says:

i did it. skates website is still jacked up so i can't upload the video to here, if the website is working for you my gamertag is goodtis

8.11.08   DannySMP says:

Didn't manage the gap BUT you can jesus bail glitch it inside, just uploading some footage of myself skating around inside

8.11.08   Athanatos says:

I hate you for this video...

Just...can't...get there...

8.11.08   danohtwo says:

I was trying with wa for a few hours to hit this gap, the problem seems to be if you have the height you can't coffin fast enough to get into the window. It really seems tantalizingly possible, though, I'm sure it'll be done eventually.

8.10.08   EvanWilson says:

I tried this for an hour or two, I don't think it's possible. You got damn close, though.

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