Goonskate Spot Challenge 4 - wa27 (b) by wa27
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Do it to it.

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8.04.08   Paupau says:

Opener was a killer.


8.03.08   Crustashio says:

The opener was awesome, you just need to make the rest not seem like random stuff you threw in.

8.03.08   wa27 says:

Don't worry, brightman. I was planning on doing the coffin in a video too, but was also too slow.

8.03.08   Brightman says:

Dammit! First the coffin under the bench, and now this..granted I hadn't perfected this one yet. I need to be quicker.

8.03.08   Merauder says:

I don't care what anyone says, that into was rad! -Merauder

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