Parking garage drop by wa27
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6.02.08   november says:

yeah fair enough. grab glitch is possibly the most crappy thing in the game. was thinking, a flip tail bonk would look pretty cool. popping over high barriers is maddening, have you tried tre flipping over the rail leading out of the community center's adjacent sewer pipe?

on second thoughts, this is a lot better than I first reckoned. well done.

6.01.08   wa27 says:

You pretty much have to pop the tail off the ledge to get over. Then the problem is landing without bailing. Even on the slope, I probably bailed 10 times when I hit it. And I didn't want to use the grab glitch, that's just lame.

6.01.08   november says:

hah, complete glitch, looks kind of cool though, not sure what to rate. props for originality though

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