Huge double fence halfpipe gap.. redux by wa27
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spot halfpipe outside community center
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I wasn't satisfied with the lame backflip I did the first time. I'm officially done at this spot though, it's caused enough frustration.

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11.15.08   Jerreemmyy says:


7.23.08   BasevBallvFreak says:

yea ive never gotten the transfer its ridiculous

7.12.08   Fuse says:

holy shit.

4.27.08   PrinceReggieK says:

Beautiful, I had no idea this gap was possible.

4.24.08   Naggerplex says:

Much cleaner this time 'round. Like I said before, this is the Gold Standard for people posting Tony Hawk bullshit (aka completely unrealistic).

4.23.08   Trainwreck717 says:


4.21.08   wa27 says:

It's always more epic the first time you land it. I still think this trick looks way better.

4.21.08   het says:


4.20.08   dirty hippo says:

Personally, I found the backflip version to be much more epic.

4.20.08   evan says:


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