Huge double fence halfpipe gap by wa27
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haha, finally! Props to Merauder who brought the spot to my attention.

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5.23.08   wa27 says:

I love you Naggerplex.

4.24.08   Naggerplex says:

Normally I would bitch about the Tony Hawk bullshit here, but even I, Naggerplex, cannot lie. I was amazed by that trick because the air basically broke the game. Well done! This should be a rule for the Tony Hawk posters: please try to get this sick if you are going to add some ridiculous bullshit. Internet sites allowing videos of people playing games based off of wannabe underground sports are serious internet business.

4.21.08   cadex says:

nice air jump

4.20.08   JimmyPantaloons says:


4.19.08   evan says:


4.19.08   Miffroon says:

Freaking awesome, good job nailing it

4.19.08   Merauder says:

OMFG. Serious props. This is gorgreous. I'm pissed I never got off my ass to try it again after posting about it! :D

4.19.08   albini says:

technically, zero is infinity, so I think I'll leave it as it is. ;)

4.19.08   dirty hippo says:

Holy nice, batman.

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