Community center hurricane grind(?) by wa27
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Is this a hurricane?

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6.17.08   november says:

hmm, though that explanation was largely accurate, it happens that that was a hurricane technically as the ledge was behind you yet you landed in fakie front smith (thus making it a feeble, and consequently a hurricane). don't worry about that though, it's difficult to explain in words in an understandable manner.

however, one thing needs to be noted is that hurricanes ARE possible on ledges, check mike carrol. it means you have to be leaning off the ledge and the trucks have to be hanging over the ledge. they're extremely hard to do in real life and in skate.

check carroll's flip hurricane on a flat ledge, at the end of a line in his fully flared part, or for the same principle, his thrasher cover with the feeble on the hubba.

65 also has a video on here called feeble 360 flip out where there's a great example of a feeble on a ledge (thus a proof of concept for hurricanes)

seriously though, that's proper complicated, don't worry about it if you don't get it. and don't even ask about sugarcanes. whole 'nother animal. haha

reasonable vid by the way.

4.20.08   wa27 says:

ah, thanks :)

4.19.08   Merauder says:

Longer answer: "Hurricanes" specifically imply a 180 into a Feeble, which is basically a Smith on the 'far side' of a rail. Since ledges technically don't really have a far side to hang the front trucks off, it's wouldn't technically apply. Lots of people also insist on spinning out of the grind, but to each their own, depending on the grind surface/object imo.

4.19.08   evan says:

short answer : no

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