Those Overused Downtown Rails, w/ Sexy Smith Finale by Merauder
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Screwing around on my 4th career character. I think these rails are used in vids here way too often, but my shuvit to BS smith looked so damn good (and I haven't up'd anything in a while) that I thought "what the hell". Enjoy.

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6.05.08   november says:

!! dipping smiths is the ONLY way to do smiths! look at kenny anderson, or reed, or carrol or anybody half way stylish! honestly. that looked sick, don't listen to anybody else. they know fuck all.

*self appointed style sherriff*

4.09.08   Merauder says:

I'll whack your face.

No really though, I think they look good either way.

4.09.08   thundertung says:

that's right.


4.09.08   thundertung says:

when your nose is hanging that low on smiths it looks whack as hell

4.09.08   Miffroon says:

Looking good!

4.09.08   cadex says:


4.06.08   GTS says:

Pretty nice.

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