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Jumping on the body varial bandwagon.

Is there a trick to doing these? Mine always look lame. It looks like I twist my feet, stop the board, then move my feet back while not touching the board. This one turned out looking ok but I don't know why.

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1.17.08   wa27 says:

Thanks. I think I figured out my problem. I am turning the right stick before I move the left stick. That causes my board to twist and move before I lift my feet.

and you're right about turning the other way, yours looked a lot better. :)

1.16.08   het says:

I thought the body varial actually looked good but the problem was you did it in the wrong direction, it would have looked better if you did it the other way (check out my long suburbs line for a body varial out of a noseslide the other way).

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