McTwist by FSBT
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Why doesn't Skate respect the McTwist?!

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2.29.08   FSBT says:

het already looked it up, and says otherwise! Why do you hate het?!

2.22.08   choopie911 says:

That's not a

12.16.07   FSBT says:

The definition of the McTwist was always debated. Some demanding a bit of invert (the way McGill did it) and others rejecting it outright.


Christian Hosoi: The crowd always says McTwist, but we always say 540s.

Tony Hawk: A McTwist is when you grab mute. Everything else is a five--stale five, varial five, frontside five, etc.

12.16.07   het says:

Hm, according to wikipedia, no :)

12.16.07   het says:

Wasn't that just a normal 540 mute? I don't recall what exactly defines a McTwist but it's at least like got some backflip/corked sort of aspect to it, right?

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