Rocket Air Backflip to Noose Hangman by Luna
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Did this about a month ago but never got around to uploading it. Hadn't seen a fatality like it so I figured I'd share. :) Thanks for Goonskate's alternative to EA's shithole of a website.

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1.30.09   ZmillA says:

so many terrible things could be said about this lol

5.29.08   paravis says:

well done fellow shacker, well done.


1.09.08   sass says:


11.27.07   Rexpop says:

oh good lord

11.18.07   ANON says:

Is it coincidence that he is black?

11.13.07   BloodRagu says:

Hilarious, but this will not go over well once the Free the Jena 6 lobby sees it.

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