Huge street gap by wa27
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Made it over the fence, I probably should have done a tweak or something though.

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8.09.08   MajSkate says:

this gap is sick, i got a video of me going over the fence on the other side and landing on a grass bank

5.25.08   wa27 says:

yes, the ollies are necessary to clear the fence. It's hard to even clear the street without them.

4.24.08   Naggerplex says:

Very nice. I especially liked that you went to the tranny instead of just crossing the street. The flip to grab detracts but I can deal with it as most tend to backflip or christ air this damn gap and make a joke out of it. Are the multi ollies while going down a hill really adding that much momentum that they should be included in the video, much less used at all?

4.21.08   wa27 says:

plz dont spam my video comment thx

10.30.07   wa27 says:

It's fun to get going fast then jump into that pipe too. You can easily get a double loop in there.

10.30.07   JackTheTripper says:

Incredible...I have to try this

10.28.07   Jarf says:


10.27.07   % says:

thats sick but why the peda-stach?

10.27.07   mean2u says:

Even cleared the fence, very nice.

10.27.07   het says:

Wow, that's nuts.

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