Demo - jump through billboard hole by wa27
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This took me maybe 30 tries.

1-10-08 edit: sweet, 1000 views. Thanks guys!

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6.17.08   november says:

haha, I wasn't saying you should, or that I do either, I just prefer to see things that seem stylistically pleasing than things aimed at testing the boundaries of what the programming lets you do. doesn't mean it's taken in earnest. all art is quite useless.

6.12.08   wa27 says:

Yes, it's a gimmick trick. I don't take this game very seriously.

6.12.08   november says:

hmm, this is good, but it's a gimmick video in the end. plus the mongo. hmm.

5.22.08   wa27 says:

One hand grab would probably work. Seems like the arms in this game can bend any which way without affecting your course much.

4.26.08   Smalls4000 says:

a yes yes yes yes sweet i have been trying that for the longest time finely some did it

4.24.08   Naggerplex says:

Did you try any one-handed grabs? I'd like to attempt this and I would like to know if you must two hand grab.

11.02.07   critical_nrmas says:

Haha, love the shrug at the end! :D

10.30.07   ArrantMist says:

Great work :)

10.24.07   iRawk says:

Holy Crap, nice one!

10.24.07   iRawk says:

Holy Crap, nice one!

10.16.07   Irate says:

Filthy as hell!

10.11.07   p0tet says:

SIIICK! have to try that one!

9.30.07   ChirreD says:


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