Impossible is nothing--wallride under rail. by wa27
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I had to come at it from the opposite direction, but I made it!

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10.29.07   iRawk says:

your roxorz my boxorz

10.28.07   cadex says:

it must be the moustache

10.28.07   Tenterhooks says:

Haha, great :)

10.27.07   revengeanceful says:

Absolutely brilliant.

10.27.07   Dekker says:

By christ, you clever bastard

10.27.07   alejandro says:

damn son

10.27.07   poopdog says:


10.26.07   Heterodox says:

Goddamn, very nice. A great example of "just keep trying" paying off beautifully.

10.26.07   TANSTAAFL says:

wow, that was awsome.

10.26.07   CharCoal says:

wow. congrats.

10.26.07   Yodzilla says:


10.26.07   Clashes says:

hells yeah

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