Skate Risk Round 3 - TheOrangeMage by TheOrangeMage
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took too long to get this shit also, create pack: fuckyeah ramped slomo

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9.13.10   TheOrangeMage says:

I intentionally set the zoom to 10mm for a fisheye effect.

9.13.10   Viscupelo says:

It's that damn zoom glitch, basically on when you used advanced cam options, sometimes the zoom kinda 'keeps going', so you can end up with with a wider angle than you can actually manually set, best thing to do is to reset all your advanced points and make sure they're all set to default or whatever you want them to be.

9.10.10   smokesumthinbitch says:

ah, probably, the video looks zoomed it or something

9.09.10   TheOrangeMage says:

is it the fisheye lens?

9.09.10   smokesumthinbitch says:

this is pretty much perfect on a technical level but it just looks weird

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