GSSC 28 Warmup Demonlord by Demonlord
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I'm not very good at this here game.

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9.07.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Flip side - I love hardcore mode. Makes the gameplay more fun for me - I never turn off hardcore mode. But then, if you don't enjoy it, don't use it, y'know? People here won't flame you if you don't.

9.04.10   Merauder says:

Yeah, hardcore doesn't mean shit. I haven't posted a video on hardcore since the demo, even after it was patched, and my videos still look fine, get rated well, etc.

9.03.10   Kavik says:

don't kill yourself trying to do everything on hardcore if it's not working out. i'd rather have a line i really like that is fun to do than one that takes 2-3 hours and doesn't match what i wanted anyway. my last couple have been on normal and people didn't seem to mind.

9.03.10   Demonlord says:

alot of times i have idea for things i want to do, but then other things happen, and at that point i'm so frustrated with spending an hour trying to get this fucking line done that i just say "ok that works" i wanted to flip trick the bank but i spent an hour just trying to get the first grind down right that i just went with what i have. when i'm not raging at the game i'll probably try again.

9.03.10   Whalley says:

i would have liked a drop down the bank when coming across the area that has the two flatbeds, the grind was just sort of awkward, otherwise not bad

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