GSSC 27 - The Park'n'Play - MrTonini by MrTonini
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entrant in GSSC 27 - The Park'n'Play
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8.24.10   smokesumthinbitch says:

yea i messed up in the initial post, my bad!

8.24.10   MrTonini says:

ohh. that makes sense with the whole variable flip... cheers!

8.24.10   smokesumthinbitch says:

uhh i think we got both confused about big spins/big flips. you have a big spin in there but it's big flips that are unallowed.

8.24.10   smokesumthinbitch says:

your video is 100% fine according to the rules :)

8.24.10   smokesumthinbitch says:

the big spin? where?

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