pandemic tryout thing by realskater96
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im now on a new team: sanctuary

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11.16.10   causticBeet says:

What song is this?

8.26.10   realskater96 says:


8.25.10   TheOrangeMage says:

holy shit, that nocomply 360 at :40 is nuts, especially given how they made no comply WORSE in skate3

8.25.10   jammu says:

Nice park you got there.

8.24.10   realskater96 says:

yes tenterhooks, i do skate IRL, im a miniramp technisian. but thanks for the good comments

8.24.10   lennystar says:

loved it

8.24.10   Tenterhooks says:

this was really good. can tell you skate irl (or at least watch a lot of videos)

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