GSSC 26 - Factory Roofs - PEAgaps (upgrayedd) by PEAgaps
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spot roofs
entrant in GSSC 26 - Factory Roofs
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8.15.10   PEAgaps says:

no I landed, it has a sweet spot, aim left near the top of the incline just over the rail.

8.14.10   thetruth says:

Did you actually bail that final gap? I tried it last night and couldn't land it.

8.11.10   PEAgaps says:

Lol Im such a noob to this site, thanks for the help

8.11.10   Merauder says:

It's not showing up in the challenges page probably because you didn't select the challenge from the list when you posted it. Go to "My Videos", click Edit, add it from the drop-down box.

8.10.10   emerica says:

love the tricks, but the camera is crazy

8.09.10   PEAgaps says:

any reason this isnt showing up on the challenges tab?

8.09.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Rollercoaster camera, dude.

8.09.10   PEAgaps says:

Ya I had some fun with the camera this time around. I added some tricks to make it a little more dense, and the grind is now waay better. I think its an improvement

8.09.10   Whalley says:

i liked the filming the first time more to be honest

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