Angrycake by Soulex
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"First" solo for Skate 3. Everything was filmed pre patch to hardcore, but not all of it uploaded (so you still hear some sound). Watching full screen or halfscreen does the video justice. My filming style is a little more far away than most. This was my first time using Sony Vegas, and using a different program for converting my FLVs so the frame rate is a little wonky.

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8.10.10   causticBeet says:

Needs more backside flips

8.10.10   jammu says:

It's not like it cover much anything, thanks to huuge black bars.

Sweet under the bar at 2.27

8.09.10   wa27 says:

I was going to steal clips from this and upload them as my own, but you put that watermark all over them so I guess there goes my plans. :[

8.09.10   Cheezymadman says:

Worst song ever, bad font for the credits, and that logo is entirely unnecessary.

Good skating and filming though.

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