Self-Important by Cheezymadman
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Music: Catch 22 - Lemont's Lament

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8.11.10   zip says:

I liked it.

Also I like ska.

8.10.10   Cheezymadman says:

It's called ska. It's superior to rap.

8.09.10   VillainBandito says:

LMAO what is this music?

8.08.10   thetruth says:

There's some great stuff in there, good job!

8.08.10   Cheezymadman says:

I actually only count one Willy grind, at 1:15. I liked how I "tweaked" it out to the side, so it stayed in.

0:20 is a switch backside smith, not a willy.

8.08.10   MazelTov says:

This is awesome. You've improved so much on trick selection and filming.

8.08.10   causticBeet says:

So many willys! Last grind was sick though

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