GSSC 26 - Factory Roofs - Tenterhooks by Tenterhooks
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Not quite as perfect as I'd like but that middle part with the noseslide and roof gap was awkward as hell, so I'll take it. Needed to make the camera go a bit Hollywood to properly catch everything.

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8.07.10   Tenterhooks says:

it's hardly drama by goonskate standards, but i'd never have guessed that this would be the most controversial video i've ever uploaded.

8.07.10   hoboninja says:

anyone who voted this less than a 5 is retarded tbqh

8.06.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Eh, fine. Four.

8.05.10   smokesumthinbitch says:

how can you write a 2 page review and not even rate the damn thing

8.05.10   Tenterhooks says:

haha, holy shit

8.05.10   lunchmeat317 says:

I really like the concept, but yeah, way too much pushing. Don't get me wrong - I too, am a fan of pushing (and I personally find no-push lines, unless realistically and appropriately done, really fake) but don't feel obligated to push after each landing. If you hit a gap and do a fliptrick right after it, hold off on pushing until after you've hit the fliptrick.

I personally like long lines - I think they are pretty cool, but I agree with jammu about the aimless thing. Your first trick - cut the time between the 180 step up and the slide. These two tricks should be one unit, and the time between both diminishes this. Also, give a lot of thought to your trick selection - you've got some cool stuff here, but it doesn't really feel coherent. I wish I could be more constructive about my criticisms. Overall, though, I really like the concept, and I hope you can make it really shine.

8.05.10   jammu says:

It felt bit aimless and way too long for my taste.

8.05.10   smokesumthinbitch says:

great line

8.05.10   Tenterhooks says:

yeah, i was wondering about that myself - bad habit of making sure i was keeping the speed up. you lose it so easily in hardcore. also not too keen on cruising through long sections without pushing as i think it can look a bit robotic. could've lost a couple though.

8.05.10   thetruth says:

I normally don't care about this kind of thing, but that is way too much pushing.

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