Grinding some junk. by JWhispers
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Kickflip FS Nose Body Varial FS Lip. I should have worked this into a longer line with a big drop and everything but eh whatever.

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8.03.08   JWhispers says:

Why does it say all the comments are from me?

11.23.07   Merauder says:

That BV was sick as hell.

10.25.07   JWhispers says:

Body varials are done by doing late shuv-its with a 180 spin in the opposite direction that the board would be spinning in for the shuv-it. Since your board turns with you when you spin, this 180 cancels out the shuv-it rotation and the only thing that spins is your body.

10.25.07   Skipped1Intentionally says:

the body varial is a late shuv it, so just try to a shuv it in mid-air

10.23.07   empathe says:

how do you do body varials?

10.23.07   Eanfom says:

That body Varial made me cum, really.

I'm going to change my boxers right now

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