Sanatorium tech line 2 (sex change edition) by TrapStar
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same line, different tricks and camera.

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7.30.10   TrapStar says:

it is indeed just a late shuv, I was thinking body varial = sex change, might refilm, probably won't bother

7.30.10   lunchmeat317 says:

Definitely a late shuvit instead of varial flip.

7.30.10   SwitchedOn says:

The problem is your board never flips. At least it didn't seem to the few times I was looking for it.

7.30.10   thetruth says:

Sex change in these games = varial kickflip with a 180 spin so the board doesn't rotate but your skater does.

7.30.10   3toes says:

Sex change is typically a kickflip with a 180 body varial. That was just a body varial.

7.30.10   TrapStar says:

uhh, first trick?

7.30.10   3toes says:

Where was the sex change?

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