Short Sanatorium Line by causticBeet
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needs more heelflips

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7.28.10   lunchmeat317 says:

I actually like the hippy jump, although i think that you can make them a little smaller than you did here? Or maybe that's just the camera angle.

Jammu's 180 is just a matter of pointing the right stick up as you pivot so that you land on the nose first. Great style, that 180.

7.28.10   jammu says:

Yeah. It can't be explained, you have experiment. Just fast enough flick with left and right stick jammed to side to do fast 180.

7.28.10   smokesumthinbitch says:

its all in the right stick my friend, all in the right stick

7.28.10   causticBeet says:

I'm working on those, what's the trick to getting one like you have in gssc25? I can get them quick like the 180step up in the vid, but i cant get them to drag just how i want them to.

7.28.10   jammu says:

Sweet. Only change I would prefer is to replace hippie 180 at start with barely high enough 180 ollie or barely 180 flip.

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